Forex Trading 101

It takes a lot to become a successful Forex Trader and we’ll give our best to help you become one. offers plenty of articles and guidelines that will improve your trading performance. You will find software reviews, signals, indicators and much more. Just select an article on the right side.

Trading and Brokers

If you want to become a successful trader you have to choose the right broker. Even though there are lots of brokers, they are all somewhat unique and differentiate themselves. Brokers offer different spreads and platforms like Metatrader. The spread is very important when it comes to choosing a broker because it influences your profits directly. When you choose a broker with a very low spread your trading performance will be significantly better compared to trading at a broker with a higher spread (ceteris paribus). And when it comes to selecting a forex platform you can go with proprietary platforms like eToro or Plus500 or you choose Metatrader as platform. This is the most popular platform out there and is used by many different brokers. The best about Metatrader is that once you’ve become familiar to this platform you can easily switch brokers without getting used to each platform as they all operate with Metatrader.

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