AvaFX Review and Experiences

AvaFX is one of the most popular Forex brokers and is growing rapidly in very different markets. AvaFX always put an emphasis on customer satisfaction and thanks to its Metatrader platform everybody can trade like a pro – even with small amounts of money. To make it short: AvaFX is the perfect broker for everybody who is serious about Forex trading and is thinking about doing it full time.

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AvaFX: The platform and who should use it

Ava FX is one of the platforms that can help traders succeed on their own terms with all of the preparation and knowledge they need. Based on the British Virgin Islands, Ava FX is one of the most comprehensive platforms for forex trading as well as one of the newest. They tout themselves as using state of the art methods and their platform is just as effective for new, learning traders and seasoned professional traders for whom forex is their sole source of income.

Basic Platform Offerings

Here are just some of the current offers and tools from Ava FX:

  • Fixed spreads
  • Dozens of currency pairs and metals
  • Daily exclusive institutional analysis
  • 24/5 hour trading and support
  • Trade immediately by credit card, PayPal or WebMoney.
  • Start investing with as little as $100
  • 200:1 leverage
  • Trade in multiple currencies
  • Metatrader 4 compatibility and support

Learning resources for all traders

AvaFX has an unlimited free demo that lets new traders practice with accounts having up to $100,000. They have extensive preparation and learning resources that will get the aspiring trader ready to ease into actual forex trading with confidence and knowledge necessary to succeed. They give daily feedback and commentary on trading and trends in currency pairs and they constantly update their market analysis and news. Their calendar and technical analysis tools, library and quizzes will help new and seasoned traders alike.

Important offerings for traders using Ava FX

Their diversity sets Ava FX apart from other platforms or online brokers out there. Being a fairly new company, they bear none of the vestiges of the past that some other online organization that came out of real life brokerages will have. They have the luxury to just offer the latest strategies for nothing but the usual trading fees. Traders pay only the spreads and nothing else for all of the extra tools and educational add-ons that Ava FX provides with accounts.
They have their own AutoTrader as well as ZuluTrade and the system is also based on MetaTrader 4, so most traders are familiar with how it works. The system actually assists more advanced traders to develop their own automatic trading devices to be used with their platform. This is especially important for people in the far East and West who miss many of the prime hours when the bulk of traders in the center of the globe are on and getting the best deals. Ava FX is the only system that offers that amenity.

Innovative Customer Service

Again, this is one area where Ava FX is unique. Where most firms offer the most support to the experienced members with the most funded accounts, Ava FX has special support to assist beginners. This is actually a much more logical decision, to get the newest people out of the gate doing as well as possible. It will keep the firm, the clients and the traders the most satisfied and satiated. There are numerous options for beginners. They will even work with beginners on the deposit requirements and funding. Their staff is available for consultation and problems or questions twenty four hours a day in 15 languages. The simple interface was created and then modified by intake from beginner feedback and they actively seek that feedback just to make sure the site is as easy and accessible for new users as it is for professional or advanced users.

They also offer constant analysis and updated signals including: free FX signals, economic calendar, constantly updated economic news, market reviews and Mobile apps and connections to pc and web accounts. Training tools are numerous too, including constantly added and free live webinars for Forex beginners with guided tutorials and real time market quotes.


Currently, Ava FX is offering some of the most competitive and lucrative bonuses to traders who open new accounts. The amount of the bonus depends on the amount of the deposit and account. This is how they are structured at this time:

Type of Account        Initial Deposit            Bonus

Silver                          $100 (minimum)                 $50

Silver                          $300                                       $75

Gold                           $1,000                                    $150-$1,000 (depends on
amount and method of payment)

Platinum                     $10,000                                 $1,200

Ava Premium             $50,000                                  Determined by customer service


Ava FX offers a number of progressive options and really stresses education and preparation for all traders, but for beginners especially. A fairly new company, they have a modern approach to forex that is refreshing and rather economically advantageous for traders and the end clients as well. Their focus on learning and knowledge will result in some very competitive traders who were encouraged to enter the market with full preparation for what they were getting into, and the ability to confidently take informed risks that could be very lucrative.

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