Forex Brokers

Nowadays there are like 274 Forex Brokers and especially for novice traders it’s tough to find the right one. Indeed, there are only a couple of reliable and large brokers you can trust and where you can enjoy the best Forex trading experience. It’s not like you can choose whatever broker you want and will be happy with it. That’s not the case and that’s why you should make a proper broker comparison before you deposit money and start trading. However, before you proceed we have a recommendation for you. There’s a very large Forex broker called eToro that is the best choice for novice traders and slightly advanced traders. This broker has proven that he’s one of the best in this industry and lot of successful traders started there. You won’t regret it if you do that as well and you can signup at eToro by clicking this link!

Forex Broker Reviews

There are sites like Forexpros where you find Forex broker reviews and comparisons. The problem with most of these sites is that they are advertisment driven, meaning that these sites get paid by brokers for banners, etc. You can’t really critizie someone who pays you, can you? This is the problem with reviews like that because they make a broker look better than it really is.

To make your own decision which broker is good and which isn’t you should just look at the facts. It’s hard to fake something like available deposit options or currency pairs. You can’t claim that broker X offers 2736 currency pairs. But you can claim that the trading platforms funcionality is constrained but this is good for novice traders as too many functions are just overwhelming. This may be true but it also makes the broker look better than it really is. And that’s the problem with most forex broker reviews and the reason why you should pay attention to the facts as websites can’t really conceal them.

How to compare Forex Brokers

Comparing Forex brokers is not an easy task. Indeed it’s very hard to come up with a conclusion and a broker you really love. Some people don’t even hesitate and just sign up with a broker they find most attractive or promising. Well, this is certainly not the right move when you want to trade Forex (semi)professionally and become a successful trader. Maybe it’s not fun and interesting but comparing Forex brokers is something you have to do before you start trading especially for real money.

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